How you can support your child to learn at home.

Spend time talking with your child.

Share their reading books, let your child see you reading as well

Practising letters 

Talking about learning in preschool

Develop their self-help skills - such as dressing toileting 

Use positive praise to encourage good behaviour.

Play games together. 

Share your child's achievements with us by updating your child's Tapestry journal or tell your child's key person.


Change of Details

It is essential that the preschool has up to date contact details for family members. There are many reasons why we may need to contact you but most importantly in the event of an emergency it is vital that we can contact parents or carers.


Our pre-school uniform consists of red sweatshirts, polo and t-shirts with the school logo. Hats with neck coverage are also available. The uniform is not complusory.


Sweatshirt - £6.50

Polo Shirts - £6.00

T-Shirts - £3.00

Hats - £2.50

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