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We are a community preschool celebrating over 50 years, initially started by a group of parents who decided to help each other with child care. The community spirit lives on and now our preschool is run by an elected committee. The goal is to provide a safe and secure environment to support and encourage children's development in our community.

Our Vision

To provide the best start in life for all of our children

Our Mission

To Provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment for children to play and learn.

Fees and Funding

Besides the 15 hours funded childcare the government offers to 3 year olds (which commences the term after their 3rd birthday)The Government now offers up to 30 free hours childcare for 3 and 4 year olds(subject to eligibility)

You can visit gov.uk/help-with-childcare-costs to create your childcare account and check if you are eligible, then apply for your funding code.

Our hourly fees (for non-funded hours) For September 2019 onwards are £4.50 per hour.

In addition we have a ‘snack & consumables’ contribution charge, which is £10 per child, per half termly billing period.

This charge contributes towards not only the daily snacks provided – and allows us to continue to offer a great variety of healthy choices, and cater for special dietary requirements, but also towards to cost of all the items we purchase for our many malleable and themed play sessions, which are both fun and educational, These weekly items include, pasta, oats, salt, oil, cornflour (we make our own safe playdough), jelly, rice, cereals, food colouring, and chocolate, to name but a few.

We invoice for non funded hours and the snack and consumables contribution in advance on a half termly basis.

Invoices can be paid via cash, card or via bank transfer at the start of the billing period, alternatively, should you wish to spread the cost of your invoice across the billing period, we can set up a weekly direct debit.

Please dont hesitate to contact the Preschool Office, should you have any queries regarding our fees.

We offer a relaxed atmosphere with ample space both inside and outside for children to explore and learn at their own pace. The team overseen by the child care manager has a minimum Qualification of Level 3 in child care and plenty of relevant experience along with early years knowledge.

We strongly recommend that all prospective parents come and visit us to find out more and see for themselves we have an open door policy so please feel free to drop by.

We fully understand that choosing a suitable preschool for your child is a huge decision so during your visit we explain how we work and will happily answer any questions you will no doubt have.

Each step of the way we will guide you through the application process. Firstly a pack will be supplied, this should be completed and returned along with your child's birth certificate.

The application has now been made the admissions procedure will be put into force. Every child at Alverstoke is allocated a key person, who will be primarily responsible for developing a supportive relationship with them and their family to ensure their unique interests and needs are met. This key person will use the Tapestry online journal to record your child's development and should be your first point of contact within the pre-school.

Each child is visited at home prior to attending the preschool. The first visit to Alverstoke Preschool will be part of our settling procedure where it is expected that a parent or carer will attend with the child.

Following which you are free to leave your child at Alverstoke preschool, we fully understand that every child is unique and has different needs. We will endeavour to ensure your child benefits from attending our pre-school.

We still keep in touch with you, welcoming you into the setting whilst dropping off and collecting your child. You may sign up to 'stay and play' with your child and we are sure other children will enjoy your visit too.

Quick chats with you key worker are always welcome however there may be times when they are not available on these occasions you can speak with the Deputy ChildCare manager or pop into the office. If you wish to speak in more depth please do not hesitate to ask.

We have a comprehensive range of policies which are regularly reviewed. These can be accessed in the preschool office at any time during the school day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to view any of the policies we use.

DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING LEAD: Rebecca Caudery – Childcare Manager


Our Values

  • Working Flexibly to make a positive difference for children and families, believing that each individual child and family is unique.
  • We learn from both our successes and failures – and through continually reflecting and evaluating so we can make positive progress, seeking to create opportunities to share our knowledge.
  • We work in partnership with families to achieve the best outcomes for them and their children. Working together we can strengthen our community.
  • We are open to new ideas to explore and grow, seeking innovative solutions to challenges and to meet the needs of our children and families.

Our Team