The Preschool is a ‘Hidden Gem’ tucked away within Thorngate Halls and has been based here since it was formed by a group of Parents back in the 1960’s.

We are a Registered Charity (no. 1152783) and over the years, whilst the Preschool has evolved and moved with the times, we still very much have the community spirit, and are proud to say that we have had children attending the preschool whose parents came here when they were small.

Thorngate Halls has a large car park behind and the Preschool can be accessed via the front or rear of the building.

Whilst the car park is operated by an external car parking company and operates with cameras via ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) Parents who are picking up and dropping off their children have 20 drop off and pick up, this is not advertised on the parking charges signs by the ticket machines.

We just advise everyone to work on 15 minutes maximum turn around to avoid any unwanted tickets due to a parents’ watch being slightly wrong!

With regards to payment for parking, if you do need to purchase a ticket because you have ended up staying for longer than the drop off/pick up time, then this can be done before you leave the car park, and doesn’t need to be done on arrival.

The Preschool has an office which is adjacent to the main preschool setting, so should you wish to call and see us face to face for any information, rather than call or email – you are very welcome to do that too.