Tapestry is an online learning journal. It is a record of each child's learning achievements, it will show a snap shot of their progress in relation to the Early Years Foundation Scheme (EYFS)

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1How do I access the online journal?
Download the Tapestry Guide For Parents Here »

You will need to log in, to achieve this you will be asked to complete a form supplying an email address, you will receive an email and then be ask to set up a secure password.

You can access via the web page or download the app for your mobile phone or click the link above for access to the login screen.
2Who can see my child's learning journal?
The Staff at Alverstoke Preschool can see all of the Children's learning journal's.

You set up a secure password to access your child's account and only you can see your child's journal.
3 What should I put in our child's learning journal?
You can put in photos of things they have made at home or activities they have done, even short video's can become part of the journal.

Your can write about something they have said or noticed, milestones or achievements.

You can reply to observations staff have made.

You can share special celebrations.
4What happens to the Tapestry Journal when my child leaves Alverstoke Pre-School?
When your child leaves Alverstoke Pre-School we will export the journal into a PDF file, which will enable you to download and save. If the infant school uses Tapestry the journal will be transferred to their new school to be continued.